Explore White Wine Excellence

Welcome to the exciting world of White Wines, where elegance and taste are intertwined in harmony. Discover the enchantment of still White Wine and Grapariol and Barbaran Prosecco, a unique wine experience that will delight your senses.

Grapariol Barbaran

Immerse yourself in the unique essence of Grapariol, a wine creation that embodies the unmistakable style and passion of the Barbaran Winery. Coming from Podere Dei Campi e Del Raboso in Zenson di Piave-TV, Grapariol is emblematic of an area rich in history and winemaking traditions.

Barbaran Prosecco

Prosecco Barbaran is the flagship of our winery. With deep roots in the Italian winemaking tradition, this Prosecco embodies authenticity and craftsmanship. Passionately cultivated Glera grapes give this wine a distinctive personality, with fruity and floral notes that delight the palate. Perfect for any occasion, Prosecco Barbaran is an invitation to celebrate life with a smile. What distinguishes Prosecco Barbaran is its constant pursuit of perfection. The company is committed to maintaining its high quality standards, ensuring that each bottle carries the hallmark of quality and elegance. This commitment is reflected not only in the final product but also in the experience it offers to anyone who decides to taste its wines.

Still White Wine

Still White Wine is the authentic expression of viticulture, a melody of aromas and flavors that blend harmoniously. Made from carefully selected grapes, our Vino Bianco Fermo conquers with its refined elegance and complexity. Perfect for pairing with fine dishes or enjoyed on its own, it is an ideal choice for lovers of white wine diversity.