Innovativa e Tradizionale

90 anni di storia

If you are a fan of quality wines and wine traditions, Barbaran Winery is the ideal destination to satisfy your palate.
With a history dating back to its first winemaking back in 1967, Cantina Barbaran is an excellence in the industry, dedicated to innovation, development and research aimed at rediscovering native wines.

Our Production Chain: From Vine to Bottle

We are distinguished by complete management of the production chain. From the process of growing the grapes to harvesting, from winemaking to aging the wine to bottling and packaging, everything is done strictly in-house. Our production organization allows us to identify and process fine grapes, with their careful distinction according to the terroir of provvenience. Our wines are certified by the Prosecco DOC Consortium and the Consorzio Tutela Vini del Piave, guaranteeing high quality standards.

The Ancient Vine: A 90-Year History Preserved Between the Rows

Antico Vitigno Barbaran, with 90 years of history preserved between the rows, represents the heart of our tradition. Thanks to the passion of our father Simeone Barbaran, we have preserved the“white Rabosina,” a unique ancient grape variety, identified and carefully preserved through studies at the Experimental Institute for Viticulture in Conegliano now CREA.

Grapariol: Wine Rediscovered and Celebrated

Grapariol, a wine rediscovered in the early 1990s in our lands, has become an emblem of our winery. After careful winemaking and consultation with expert winemakers, Grapariol is now produced in three versions: sparkling, sparkling and col fondo. This outstanding wine offers a fresh, tart taste experience with aromas of fresh flowers and unripe fruit.

Taste Excellence:
Grapariol, an Ideal Companion for Every Occasion

Grapariol is appreciated not only for its recognized excellence but also for its versatility. Ideal with seafood dishes, it goes well with baccalà mantecato alla veneziana and spring risottos. Expert sommeliers consider it a viable alternative to the famous Prosecco, making it a highly prestigious option in the Italian white wine scene.

Recovered Wines

Vini tipici italiani

Scopri i vini certificati dal Consorzio del Prosecco DOC e del Consorzio Tutela Vini del Piave.

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