The stele project “On the Front of Memory”

The project commemorates the Battle of the Bight that took place during World War I. Divided into twelve stelae, the text details the crucial events and phases of the battle. Initially, the Italians faced the Austro-Hungarian Empire for two years, fighting without a definitive victory. The battle focused on the Piave front, with key moments such as the breakthrough of the front at Caporetto in 1917 and the subsequent Italian resistance. The fighting was characterized by attack and defense tactics along the riverbank, with crossing attempts on both sides. The battle ended with the withdrawal of the Austro-Hungarians and the rebuilding of the destroyed country.

Zenson view from the embankment with the then Mayor of Zenson.

Duke of Aosta visiting post-war  inZenson 

The battle of the bight

The Battle of the Bight at Zenson di Piave during World War I is narrated through the design of the memorial steles. The narrative reveals the complexity and brutality of the fighting, with Italian troops resisting enemy attacks along the Piave River front. Highlights include the breakthrough at Caporetto, Italian resistance on the right side of the Piave River, and efforts to retake the embankment occupied by the Austro-Hungarians. The battle had a devastating impact on the country and its people, but it symbolized the determination and sacrifice of Italian troops. The memory of the fallen and the events is preserved through the stelae, which commemorate the courage and suffering experienced during those dark days of history.

Zenson di Piave today:

In the context of Zenson di Piave’s history, the Barbaran family, renowned producers of the region’s native wines, also emerges. The fertile lands and favorable climate of Zenson di Piave have allowed the cultivation of characteristic grapes, from which Barbaran has extracted high quality wines. The vineyards of Zenson di Piave, enriched by the historical memory of the region, contribute to the production of distinctive wines that reflect the unique identity of the area.
Zenson di PIave

Taste Excellence: From Grapariol to Raboso del Piave DOC our native wines

The winemaking tradition of Zenson di Piave, enriched by the history and battles experienced, is perpetuated through the native wines that carry with them the taste and soul of this land.
Barbaran - Vini Ritrovati

dal XVII